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9/11/2023 (Permalink)

Title: DeRidder, Leesville, & Vinton Wildfire Damage Event

Category: Fire Damage

Photo Caption: SERVPRO of DeRidder, Leesville, & Vinton provides fire, soot and water damage restoration service in DeRidder, Leesville, & Vinton.


The active wildfires here in Southern California are increasing their impact as growing Santa Ana winds add fuel to these devastating blazes that are encroaching in our area. According to the New York Times, new fires broke out in Malibu on December 7, with at least 96,000 acres already burned in the Ventura area and 116,000 acres in Los Angeles County. Evacuations have closed hundreds of schools and forced 200,000 of our neighbors to seek safety. The “Thomas Fire” in the Ventura area continues to burn with the aid of strong winds. This fire has caused the closure of the 101 freeway and a boil-water advisory was issued for Ventura County. The Santa Ana winds that are enabling the fires to rapidly increase their reach can have speeds in excess of 60 miles per hour. They are not expected to diminish until Friday into Saturday at the earliest. The National Weather Service has warned of “very rapid fire growth” in this area. SERVPRO Meteorologist Lela Davis said that the Santa Ana winds were already very dry when they reached the Southern California valley, allowing them to quickly pull moisture out of vegetation, increasing the risk for wildfires. For the first time ever, a purple wind warning was issued for today under the color-coded system used to advise about high winds. This purple warning pushed wind expectations from the “high” category to “extreme”.

Ready to Help

Here at SERVPRO of DeRidder, Leesville, & Vinton we are monitoring this wildfire situation closely. Our thoughts are with those neighbors who may be put in harms’ way during this event. In many cases, a wildfire can result in a total loss for a home or business, but in others it may be a partial loss, or can result in mild smoke damage. If your home or business is affected by a wildfire, SERVPRO of DeRidder, Leesville, & Vinton is Here to Help®. 

About SERVPRO of DeRidder, Leesville, & Vinton

SERVPRO of DeRidder, Leesville, & Vinton specializes in the cleanup and restoration of residential and commercial property after a fire, smoke or water damage event. Our staff is highly trained in property damage restoration. From initial and ongoing training at SERVPRO’s corporate training facility to regular IICRC-industry certification, rest assured our staff is equipped with the knowledge to restore your property.

Fire or Soot Damage? Call Us Today – We’re Ready To Help 337-462-6500

Mold Damage

8/24/2023 (Permalink)

Title:?Does Your?Deridder, Leesville, & Vinton Home Have A Mold Problem? 

Category:?Mold Damage 

Photo Caption:?In?Deridder, Leesville, & Vinton, mold can spread through a home in as little as 48 hours. 


Microscopic mold spores naturally occur almost everywhere, both outdoors and indoors. This makes it impossible to remove all mold from a home or business. Therefore, mold remediation reduces the mold spore count back to its natural or baseline level. Some restoration businesses advertise “mold removal” and even guarantee to remove all mold, which is a fallacy. Consider the following mold facts: 

  • Mold is present almost everywhere, indoors and outdoors. 
  • Mold spores are microscopic and float along in the air and may enter your home through windows, doors, or AC/heating systems or even hitch a ride indoors on your clothing or a pet. 
  • Mold spores thrive on moisture. Mold spores can quickly grow into colonies when exposed to water.?These colonies may produce health effects. 
  • Before mold remediation can begin, any sources of water or moisture must be addressed. Otherwise, the mold may return. 
  • Mold often produces a strong, musty odor and can lead you to possible mold problem areas. 
  • Even higher-than-normal indoor humidity can support mold growth. Keep indoor humidity below 45 percent. 


If your home or business has a mold problem, we can inspect and assess your property and use our specialized training, equipment, and expertise to remediate your mold infestation. 

If You See Signs of Mold,?Call Us Today –?337-462-6500 

Title: Deridder, Leesville, & Vinton?Residents:? Follow These Mold Safety Tips If You Suspect Mold 

Category:?Mold Damage 

Photo Caption:?Be careful! Without proper training, you could be spreading mold throughout your home. 


If you see visible mold, do not disturb it. You can inadvertently spread the mold infestation throughout your home. When mold is disturbed, the mold can release microscopic mold spores which become airborne and can circulate inside your home. 

What to Do: 

  • Stay out of affected areas. 
  • Turn off the HVAC system and fans. 
  • Contact SERVPRO of?Deridder, Leesville, & Vinton?for mold remediation services. 

What Not to Do: 

  • Don’t touch or disturb the mold. 
  • Don’t blow air across any surfaces with visible or suspected mold growth. 
  • Don’t attempt to dry the area yourself. 
  • Don’t spray bleach or other disinfectants on the mold. 

About Our Mold Remediation Services 

SERVPRO of?Deridder, Leesville, & Vinton?specializes in mold cleanup and restoration, in fact, it’s a cornerstone of our business. ?Our crews are highly trained restoration professionals that use specialized equipment and techniques to properly remediate your mold problem quickly and safely. 

If You See Signs of Mold,?Call Us Today –?337-462-6500 

What to do when a storm hits your home.

8/24/2023 (Permalink)

Title:?When Storms or Floods hit?Deridder, Leesville, & Vinton SERVPRO is ready! 

Category:?Storm Damage 

Photo Caption:?Our highly trained crews are ready to respond 24/7 to storm or flood damage in?Deridder, Leesville, & Vinton 


SERVPRO ofDeridder, Leesville, & Vinton specializes in storm and flood damage restoration. Our crews are highly trained and we use specialized equipment to restore your property to its pre-storm condition. 

Faster Response 

Since we are locally owned and operated, we are able to respond quicker with the right resources, which is extremely important. A fast response lessens the damage, limits further damage, and reduces the restoration cost. 

Resources to Handle Floods and Storms 

When storms hit Deridder, Leesville, & Vinton we can scale our resources to handle a large storm or flooding disaster. We can access equipment and personnel from a network of?over 2,000 franchises across the country and elite?Disaster Recovery Teams? that are strategically located throughout the United States. 

Have Storm or Flood Damage? Call Us Today?337-462-6500 

Deridder 24 Hour Emergency Water Damage Service

8/17/2023 (Permalink)

Title: Deridder 24 Hour Emergency Water Damage Service

Category: Water Damage

Photo Caption: SERVPRO of Deridder, Leesville, & Vinton provides 24 hour fire and water damage restoration service in Deridder and surrounding cities.


SERVPRO of Deridder, Leesville, & Vinton is available 24 hours a day for water emergencies, large or small. When you are dealing with water damage, immediate action is crucial. A delay of just a few hours can greatly increase the severity of the water damage.

We Answer the Phone Ready to Help

Call Today – 337-462-6500

We understand that when you call us, you may be feeling confused, stressed, and vulnerable. You need an expert to guide you through this crisis. SERVPRO of Deridder, Leesville & Vinton has the specific water damage training and experience to help you through this tough time. We specialize in water damage restoration—in fact, it's the cornerstone of our business.

What to Expect

When you call, we will ask several questions regarding your water damage emergency. These questions will help us determine what equipment and resources to bring, including how many trained SERVPRO professionals may be needed.

Our SERVPRO Representative will ask several questions:

  • Your name and contact information
  • Your insurance information (if applicable)
  • The street address of the water-damaged home or business
  • When did the flooding or water damage occur?
  • What caused the water damage (if known)?
  • Is there electricity available (on-site)?

About SERVPRO of Deridder, Leesville, & Vinton

SERVPRO of Deridder, Leesville, & Vinton specializes in the cleanup and restoration of residential and commercial property after a fire, smoke or water damage event. Our staff is highly trained in property damage restoration. From initial and ongoing training at SERVPRO’s corporate training facility to regular IICRC-industry certification, rest assured our staff is equipped with the knowledge to restore your property.

Title: Faster to your Deridder Water Damage Event

Category: Water Damage

Photo Caption: SERVPRO of Deridder, Leesville, & Vinton provides 24 hour fire and water damage restoration service in Deridder.


Flooding and water emergencies don’t wait for regular business hours and neither do we. SERVPRO of Deridder, Leesville, & Vinton provides emergency cleaning and restoration services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week—including all holidays.

Faster To Any Size Disaster

Flooding and water damage is very invasive. Water quickly spreads throughout your home and gets absorbed into floors, walls, furniture, and more. SERVPRO of Deridder, Leesville, & Vinton arrives quickly and starts the water extraction process almost immediately. This immediate response helps to minimize the damage and the cleaning and restoration costs.

Need Emergency Service? Call Us 24/7 – 337-462-6500

Water Damage Timeline

Within Minutes

  • Water quickly spreads throughout your property, saturating everything in its path.
  • Water is absorbed into walls, floors, upholstery, and belongings.
  • Furniture finishes may bleed, causing permanent staining on carpets.
  • Photographs, books, and other paper goods start to swell and warp.

Hours 1 - 24:

  • Drywall begins to swell and break down.
  • Metal surfaces begin to tarnish.
  • Furniture begins to swell and crack.
  • Dyes and inks from cloth and paper goods spread and stain.
  • A musty odor appears.

48 Hours to 1 Week:

  • Mold and mildew may grow and spread.
  • Doors, windows, and studs swell and warp.
  • Metal begins to rust and corrode.
  • Furniture warps and shows signs of mold.
  • Paint begins to blister.
  • Wood flooring swells and warps.
  • Serious biohazard contamination is possible.

More Than 1 Week:

  • Restoration time and cost increase dramatically; replacing contaminated materials and structural rebuilding may be extensive.
  • Structural safety, mold growth, and biohazard contaminants pose serious risks to occupants.

About SERVPRO of Deridder, Leesville & Vinton

SERVPRO of Deridder, Leesville, & Vinton specializes in the cleanup and restoration of residential and commercial property after a fire, smoke or water damage event. Our staff is highly trained in property damage restoration. From initial and ongoing training at SERVPRO’s corporate training facility to regular IICRC-industry certification, rest assured our staff is equipped with the knowledge to restore your property.


7/7/2022 (Permalink)

 In these unprecedented times and as part of the effort to help businesses impacted by COVID-19 and the more contagious Delta variant, SERVPRO of eRidder Leesville & Vinton is responding to the current global pandemic by offering a groundbreaking cleaning and sanitizing solution for businesses and facilities.

SERVPRO Sanitizing Services

SERVPRO of DeRidder Leesville & Vinton uses a combination and/or selection of products in its COVID cleaning efforts:


We use a hospital-grade, US EPA registered broad-spectrum disinfectant that cleans, disinfects & sanitizes. The disinfectants kills 99.9% of bacteria, viruses, fungi and molds when applied or sprayed.

The disinfectant is:

  • Non-abrasive and Non-Corrosive
  • Free From Chlorine and Phosphates
  • Cleans and Disinfects Without Bleaching
  • No Rinse Required

Air Duct Cleaning

7/7/2022 (Permalink)

Clean air ducts play a crucial role in the quality of air in a building. Ducts are conduits responsible for the flow and distribution of clean air within a space. If the ductwork isn’t clean, this can contribute to poor indoor air quality, which could lead to a whole host of health problems. Air ducts naturally gather dust and dirt over time. Other airborne contaminants can also build up inside ductwork, creating a breeding ground for bacteria, fungi, and other microbes. After an incident such as a fire, additional dust, dirt, smoke, and soot particles are absorbed into the building’s ductwork. If not treated quickly and efficiently, this mix of contaminants is pushed through HVAC systems, becoming part of the breathing air within a building. The negative effects of this on your building and the people in it can be quickly eliminated with a specialized restoration or air duct cleaning plan from BELFOR, one of the most trusted and experience air duct cleaning companies.

What Is an Air Duct?

In order to understand air duct or HVAC vent cleaning, it’s important to first understand what HVAC stands for: Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning HVAC systems are responsible for airflow within a building; they ensure that the air is both safe and at a comfortable temperature. From a central unit, air is distributed throughout a building through a range of air ducts. Because of the way air ducts serve an entire building, if even small amounts of contaminants are present, they can filter into the overall airflow, affecting many people.


7/7/2022 (Permalink)

There are numerous ways to tell if you have mold in your home or business. Both sight and smell are the most simple and effective ways to identify mold growth indoors. This means that actively looking in mold-prone areas can play an important part in ensuring your building stays free of mold. Mold-prone areas include:

  • Bathroom tile and grout
  • Basement walls
  • Under sinks
  • Windows where moisture condenses

High humidity and poor ventilation can be common causes of mold in the home or business. This means that routine household activities that produce excess moisture – like drying clothes inside the home, hot showers and cooking can all be contributing factors or causes of mold growth. For homes or businesses that frequently have problems with high humidity or dampness, purchasing a dehumidifier and improving ventilation are proactive solutions to avoiding mold problems.

Home Fire Safety and Prevention

7/7/2022 (Permalink)

Within our own homes, we all have a responsibility to minimize the risk of a fire destroying our property and possessions. Following some of the tips on our home fire safety checklist could help to make the difference and save your house from the devastating effects of a fire.

Home Fire Safety Checklist

  • Do Your Smoke Detectors Work?
    The most important first step to take is to ensure you have working smoke detectors. Check the batteries regularly and make sure that all family members, including children, know what they sound like.
  • Do You Have an Evacuation Plan?
    Each member of your family should know how to evacuate from every room. This should include two evacuation routes; in case one is blocked.

         Do You Have Fire Extinguishers?

  • Having fire extinguishers placed around the home is key to minimize the risk of a fire taking hold. Having at least one on each floor of your home is a good idea.
  • Are You Cautious When Cooking?
    Never leave anything cooking on the stove unattended. If you leave the kitchen, turn off the stove.
  • Do You Restrict Smoking to Outside?
    Always smoke outside the house and put out any cigarettes when finished. Avoid smoking inside the home, especially in bed. Mattresses and bedding are highly flammable.
  • Do You Know How to Prevent Electrical Fires?
    Ensure you’re not using any electrical appliances that have frayed wires and never run cords under furniture. If you notice any electrical problems, such as hot light switches, turn them off and have them professionally replaced.
  • Is Your Property Child-Safe?
    Make sure that all lighters, matches, etc. are kept out of the reach of children. Keep children away from lit candles and stoves and teach them of the dangers of fire.
  • Do You Have Fuel Lying Around?
    You may not think of piles of books, newspapers, blankets etc. as being fuel, but in the event of a fire they can be. Make sure you don’t have any of these lying around.

Hurricane Preparedness

7/7/2022 (Permalink)

Hurricanes cost an average of $26 billion per year and they cause a huge amount of property damage. Make yourself aware of how to prepare for a hurricane, and how to stay safe when a storm hits.

How To Prepare for A Hurricane

Step 1: Plan

The first thing you need to do when preparing for a hurricane is make a plan outlining the information you will need and the procedures to be followed in case a hurricane hit. Your plan should include:

  • Contact details – family, friends, schools, workplaces, and emergency services
  • Insurance details – policy, ‘before’ photographs of your property, and claim process information
  • Maps with at least two evacuation routes marked – in high-risk states, hurricane evacuation routes are signposted
  • An inventory of your possessions - use as a reference in case anything is damaged
  • Details of nearby shelters

Discuss your plan with family and friends to ensure everyone knows what to do when a hurricane occurs.

Step 2: Create A Disaster Kit

You should gather supplies into a disaster kit to help you stay safe during a hurricane. Your disaster kit may have to last for several days, so ensure it’s well stocked. Key items are:

  • Food and water to last at least three days for each person and animal
  • Medicines and first aid supplies
  • Flashlights and batteries
  • Portable radio and mobile phone
  • Toiletries
  • Maps of the local area
  • Money (cash)
  • Portable generator (if in an area prone to power outages and hurricanes)

If you’re going to be at home when the hurricane hits, fill up all available containers with water beforehand, including sinks and bathtubs. Stock your refrigerator and freezer with water and ice. If the hurricane is severe (Category 3 or higher), water supplies are likely to be down or contaminated for multiple days after the storm.

NOTE: Water stored in sinks and bathtubs is safe for flushing toilets, washing dishes, and doing laundry. If you intend to use it for drinking, cooking, or brushing teeth, make sure you boil it for 3-5 minutes first.

To save room in your refrigerator, purchase non-perishables and canned foods.

Have one disaster kit prepared for your house and one to take with you should you need to evacuate. If hurricane watches and warnings are frequent in your area, consider storing a kit in your car at all times, so you are able to evacuate the area quickly. Remember to fill up the gas tank of your car if a storm is likely.

Step 3: Establish A Safe Room in Your House

Even if your first choice would be to evacuate the area during a hurricane, bear in mind that this may not always be possible. It is best to identify the room in your house that could offer the most protection if you have to stay.

The ideal safe room should have no windows or external doors and be on a low floor of the building. Store your in-house disaster kit and hurricane plan in this room so it is accessible at all times. If a hurricane approaches, move water and food into this room as well.

Unlike with tornadoes, hurricane safe rooms should not be located in a basement. Hurricanes are frequently accompanied by flooding, so subterranean shelters should be avoided. If possible, have an option in your plan to move to higher floors in case flooding occurs.

Water Damage Restoration

7/7/2022 (Permalink)

Water intrusion into buildings can be incredibly destructive. Over time, excess moisture can cause issues within an indoor environment. Without proper water extraction, decontamination and drying, numerous long-term effects can take hold of a building and cause long-lasting structural damage as well as pose numerous health risks.

Any type of water ingress should be taken seriously, and proper water damage restoration is a key part of recovery should your home or business be affected. This intervention should be prompt and effective, and it’s important to act within the first 24-48 hours to minimize the potential short and long-term effects of water damage.

Water Damage Mitigation

Whether it’s a burst pipe, flood damage, or any other number of potential causes, water damage needs speedy and effective water damage mitigation. Water mitigation is about much more than just drying and cleaning a property. There are many other factors to consider, like decontamination and treating porous materials (e.g., carpet or drywall) that can hold water. If left damp or untreated, bacteria can potentially thrive and cause future problems.